Ph.D. in English, Composition & TESOL, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2011

  • Primary Area: Second Language Writing
  • Secondary Area: Rhetoric and Composition
  • Dissertation: Revisiting haiku: The contribution of composing haiku to L2 academic literacy development 

M.A. in English, TESOL, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2007

  • Primary Area: TESOL (Learner Autonomy, Teacher Professional Development)

B.A. in Literature, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, JAPAN, 2005

  • Major: English and American Literature (English Language Education focus)
  • Thesis: Learner strategies for learner autonomy

Academic Appointments

Tenure-Track / Tenured  Appointments:

Associate Professor, Department of English, Aoyama Gakuin University (April 2022- Present) 

  • Courses Being Teaching: 
    • Introduction to English Language Teaching
    • EFL Methodology
    • Literature in L2 Education
    • Second Language Writing
    • Research in L2 Teaching and Learning

Associate Professor, Higher Education Center, Gunma University (April 2017- March 2022) 

  • Courses Taught: 
    • English for Written Communication
    • Advanced Writing I, II
    • English Composition I & II
    • English for Academic Purposes
    • Integrated English AI, AII, BI, BII
    • English RI

Assistant Professor of English, Higher Education Center, Gunma University, (April 2011- March 2016)

Administrative Positions:

Chair of Foreign Language Education, Gunma University (April 2019-Present)

Other Academic Appointments:

Adjunct Instructor of TESOL, College of Education, Psychology and Human Studies, Aoyama Gakuin University (April 2020- March 2022)

  • Course Taught:
    • English Language Teaching Methodology
    • Advanced Global Communication

Adjunct Instructor of TESOL, Department of English, Kanda University of International Studies (April 2017- March 2022)

  • Course Taught:
    • Ways of Learning English

Adjunct Instructor of English, Faculty of Business Administration, Aoyama Gakuin University (April 2013 – March 2022)

  • Courses Taught:    
    • Intensive English A, B, C, D
    • Academic Reading

Adjunct Instructor of TESOL, School of Education & Distance Learning Division, Meisei University (April 2018-March 2020)

  • Courses Taught:
    • English Language Teaching Methodology II
    • English Language Teaching Methodology III & IV

Adjunct Instructor of TESOL, Department of English Language and Literature, Prefectural University of Kumamoto (August 2013)

  • Course Taught: English Language Teaching Methodology II