Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

Atsushi has worked on some research projects which are sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science . His research involves second language writing, the value of creative writing, and poetry writing as qualitative study.

<Current Project>

Title: Exploring the intersection of creative writing and academic literacy (Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists: 2019-2021)   

<Completed Project>

Title: Designing Second Language Haiku Writing Pedagogy: Investigating Linguistic and Textual Features of English Haiku written by Japanese L2 Learners (Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists B: 2015-2019)   

Title: Preservice Teachers’ Acquisition of Practical Knowledge through Teaching Practica: Qualitative Research on the Verbalization Process of ‘Felt Sense’ in TAE-Based Reflection Activities (Challenging Exploratory Research: 2015-2018)

Research Team: Toshinobu Nagamine (PI), Yutaka Fujieda, Atsushi Iida